What is digital marketing?


Digital marketing is broad but can be plainly described as: the creation, distribution of and engagement with, relationship or brand building content in an electronic format.

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A lot of people will give you complicated answers where you will need a degree in rocket science to understand.

What to know what Digital Marketing is? Simple

Using the Internet to make money through various marketing methods tailored to your business.

That's the straight up blunt answer.


The reason you're looking at digital marketing is that you want to grow your business. Let the experts worrying about the mind-numbing stuff. You just want to know is it possible to grow your business through online methods and my answer is. YES.

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Digital marketing, which is also called inbound marketing, online marketing and internet marketing, is a blanket term for any marketing activity that occurs over the internet. Like the childhood game of hide and seek, clients and customers find you via social media and search engines. You make yourself easy to find with proper website development, search engine optimization ( SEO), a good content marketing strategy and a diverse social media strategy focused on the right audience. is a digital marketing channel because people come here to seek advice from experts. This is the opposite of traditional marketing, which includes print media, television and radio, where the marketer comes looking for the client or customer who may not need the marketers product or service at that time.
I invite you to schedule a call if you have any followup questions and would like learn more about the inner circle of digital marketing.

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Times Have Changed in Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies of today are very different from years ago before the advent of electronic devices. You are a business owner who now can market your products or services faster and more efficiently using digital technologies. You can use a few different electronic devices such as your PC, laptop, smartphone, or IPad to advertise getting the word out about your company.

These technologies provide faster and more efficient marketing compared to traditional marketing methods. Were it not for traditional or digital marketing your business would likely shut its doors and cease to exist. Traditional marketing uses hard copy advertising which makes it difficult to reach more people. Digital technologies reach consumers throughout the United States and overseas with the press of a computer key. 

Understanding the Concept of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing opens up a whole new way for businesses to get the word out about their products and services and increase their profits at a faster more efficient rate. There is an increasing number of consumers entering the digital arena every day searching for products and services over the Internet. Consumers now search for products or services on the run or when relaxing in the comfort of home. 

Start Your Digital Marketing from Your PC

Digital marketing starts at your Internet business website. It is important to have an attractive, eye-catching, interesting, and informative business website. You can now institute your marketing campaigns by using any number of digital devices. As a business owner, you have many more options to market your products or service in today's world of high technology. You can post information about your business across the Internet, using your website. You can use your Smartphone or iPad when away from home. 

If you are not used to digital marketing techniques you may or may not find this method easier. You rely on your PC, laptop, and smartphone more. You must be accustomed to using things such as social media, digital channels, email addresses, and websites to connect with consumers and network with other companies. Digital marketing may help you increase your customer base and profits more efficiently when you use these techniques correctly.

New marketing technologies demand you learn how to utilize your website keywords specific to your business. You must use keywords in which potential customers are likely to use to look up your products or services.  You must learn how important it is to focus on SEO content, learn Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to mention a few.

Once you learn these new venues for today's marketing, your company will see a higher success rating in profitability. Learn how to reach new customers by providing them with a positive impact on your company throughout the United States and globally which is now possible using digital marketing technologies. 

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing was created to employ many types of content to attract customers to a website. Once you formulate your website, you must discover how to help, support, and empower the visitor, so they keep returning and become a lasting customer. Inbound marketing in combination with digital marketing enhances your business profits. Adjusting your marketing strategies is how your business continues to grow and prosper. Adjust your marketing technologies with successful sales and A-1 customer service. Digital marketing is all about the creation and development of eye-catching business websites using top-notch SEO techniques.

How to Engage Customers

Follow up on leads 
Make customers want a lasting and long-term relationship with your business
Let customers know how your business can help them
Train employees on phone etiquette and how to spark interest in new customers so they keep coming back
Provide value to your customers.
Is Offline Marketing is Fading?

Larger corporations think not. Offline marketing techniques include hard copy flyers, newspaper ads, direct mail advertisements, billboards, neon signs, television, radio spots, and any marketing not associated with the Internet. The smaller companies are moving away from Offline marketing strategies. Larger corporations take advantage of offline marketing and also incorporate Internet marketing into their marketing plans. 


Rank ^ in SEO

In the digital world of marketing, you want to select keywords that set your business website at the top of the SEO page. Your keywords must be effective or you may find your website on page 20 instead of pages one or two. It is reported that consumers rarely search beyond page two or two on the internet. If a searching and potential customer is looking for your products and services and do not find you on page one or two and there are 14 pages they are not going to look any further. Be wise and select great keywords that customers are likely to use when searching for your products or services. Part of digital marketing means you start a weekly blog, institute infographics, EBooks, white papers, social media, and more. 

Not all people like to read, have the patience to read, or quickly lose interest in reading a website. Infographics are a form of visual information that allows visitors to look at a concept versus reading about the concept. 

In Conclusion

Digital marketing is not going to disappear, it will only get more complex. Learn how to make your marketing successful. Learn how to effectively market your company in a highly technical world. Marketing will make or break your business. Utilize all the marketing technologies available by combining traditional with digital methods of marketing for the most successful outcome.  

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