I'm building a service marketplace, similar to Upwork. I'd like to implement a referral program, where I can offer and track 2 different programs. One program for regular referrals (service provider & customer), and then one program for a small network who will work like a sales team, where I can give them a percentage of commission fees for referrals for a year, or some specific time frame. Ideal Requirements: • Unique referral links • Tracking and Payment system o Reward options: o Service Provider referrals: Flat Fee upon referral registration + commission on referred Service Provider's 1st job completed o Customer referrals: Flat Fee for for referral job posting Any help/guidance is very much appreciated.

What you are really talking about (given the info) with the two programs is:

-Refer-A-Friend/Customer Referral Program: This is often implemented for customers of the service only and usually the bounty/reward is credits not really commissions. It can be dual benefit (Referrer and Referee get credit for the transaction, or one sided).

-Closed/private Affiliate Program: Open to your network of people you want to offer it to, and they receive commissions for referred clients.

There is no one-size-fits all solution given there will probably be some technical requirements to do what you'd like on the Service Provided Referrals. Nonetheless, check out You can create multiple partner programs with different commission rules and regulations, all under one platform. It also fits your requirements above.

If you'd like to discuss this more, just schedule a call on Clarity; happy to help out.


Answered 4 years ago

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