What is the best way to get more consulting clients?


Here are some ways to get more customers:

1. Start by reaching out to your friends who own businesses and ask to doncome consulting work for them in exchange for case studies. You need to show credibility to give people a reason to trust you and work with you.

2. Create content. Either document your journey as a consultant or create a blog/vlog that will give you the ability to demonstrate your expertise.

3. Once you have content to work with, promote it via ads.

4. Lastly ask people to introduce you to people or businesses they may know could use your services.

Hope this helps! I'm available for followups if needed!

Answered 7 years ago

For me, I started a podcast answering those questions that I get asked the most. It helps listeners start to know, like, and trust me. I get feedback from the episodes that allow me to know what my target audience needs, and 80% of the people who sign up for my membership site use a coupon I only deliver in the podcast. Feel free to say I'm biased as I teach people who to podcast, but I see it work over and over.

Answered 7 years ago

There are a number of ways to get more consulting clients depending on whether you have existing clients or not. I will cover both options.

If you have existing clients that you’ve provided consulting for then I would recommend testimonials and word of mouth.

Ask your clients for testimonials as social proof that you can provide great consulting advice. You can then use this in your marketing to attract other clients. Ideally, you want video testimonials as they are more authentic. Ask your clients to give examples of tangible proof i.e ‘with John’s consulting I grew my business from £X to £X within X months’. You don’t want ‘X is a great guy and helped me’ as these testimonials are meaningless.

Next, word of mouth is a very powerful way to get new consulting clients as you have been vouched for by another client and have been recommended as an authority to consult on your chosen subject. You can encourage existing clients to recommend you by offering them a referral fee for every new client they send your way.

What if you don’t have any existing clients?

Then I would recommend offering a free trial consultation. A free consultation allows you to build a relationship with your prospect, allows you both to see if you’re a good fit to work together and takes any risk away from the prospect that your consulting advice is worth paying for.

Focus on creating a strategy that solves your prospects biggest problem, then outline a solution by submitting a written proposal with a series of steps to take in order to achieve the desired solution. You can charge for future consultations and assuming you’re able to help your prospect they shouldn’t be too hard to close and convert into a paying client.

Answered 7 years ago

There are many effective strategies to get more clients, but not every strategy works for every business. Here, I can only give you a roadmap that will help you to reach your goal. Here you go:

Mouth-to-Mouth Marketing:

Try to build a strong brand in your network and ask for the recommendation. Happy clients or people in your network will recommend you which will be huge for your business.

Reaching your audience directly:

Email Marketing is a way to reach your targeted audience, straight to their inbox. People often check their emails to get any valuable update. If you have a strong message that gives your audience a value, then there is a higher chance of success.

If you need any assistance, contact me. I am open for follow-ups.


Answered 7 years ago

Currently, I am involved with many shopify groups but I operate actively in three.
-know your ideal clients and go to where they hang out often, for me, it is Facebook groups.
You cannot just go and pitch your service, you must first give value.
-so I set a period of thirty-fifty minutes twice a day to appear in one Facebook group ,where I answer questions pertaining to marketing and advertising.
You need to commit to this daily to succeed.
I do this by commenting and creating post which are geared in answering questions in the area of my speciality.
I plan to craft my blogpost to address their concerns on marketing,when I am done,I publish it in the group and on my page.Boost the blogpost with Facebook ads.
I also plan help one of my ideal client for a full week day,to get him/her as a client.
Just one hour a day for this target.

Answered 7 years ago

Hello! This is a loaded question!
I have written many answers just here on Clarity and they should all give you a pretty good insight into how to do this.

I am a marketing strategist, MBA, and founder of a small hybrid digital marketing agency - my response for you is as follows:
First, ignore the answer below where it recommends you reaching out to family and friends. This is a horrible idea for more, especially if you are a shy person. This can lead to a false sense of growth with no real plan or factual leverage for new leads from friends and fam.
Instead here a few sample steps you must take no matter the focus, industry, or expertise:
If you lack a strong budget to advertise and position yourself properly through a market do the following:
1. Get yourself really nice business cards printed
2. Attend networking events and give yourself a few months of attending the same and meeting the same people and building rapport through out these events.
3. Learn to talk about what you do to those that care only.
4. Develop a personal brand, if you are starting out, locally you can be promoting yourself through those you meet as the helpful person, who goes out of their way to help other professionals. Helpful is always the easiest brand angle to get started with but its the hardest to live by so keep that in mind, but give it a try ;)
5. Uncover and discover benefits of your services you provide and turn those to investable opportunities to others.
6. Start a blog covering the plethora of questions prospect clients will have. Share this with everyone you know.
7. Instead of inviting people for coffee to be pitched at, invite them to get interviewed for a blog you and enter a dialogue with them about what it is that you do while giving them an opportunity to also share about themselves (assuming your cilents are professionals)
8. Stay honest
9. Stay consistent and don't deviate after a few tries. consistency is key to branding and to building trust.
10. Stay consistent - get it? it's important. Depending on many factors, your timeframe will be different from another person in the same exact position as you are. From mannerisms to luck to wording -- consistency increases your chances of not missing out on opportunities and referrals.

Answered 6 years ago

It depends on where the bottle neck is in your sales process. If you don't have enough leads, then you have a marketing problem. If you can't seem to turn enough of your lead into clients, you have a sales problem. I'd love to dig deeper on this and answer your specific situation.

Answered 6 years ago

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