How does a catering business find their unique target audience?


Start by creating a persona of your desired audience... here are some basic ways to create them:

1. Common behavior patterns

2. Shared pain points (professional, personal)

3. Universal goals, wishes, dreams

4. General demographic & biographic information

Basically you are creating a fictional character of your audience to help you figure out how to connect with them in an impactful way

Answered 7 years ago

You should have thought of who will use your services before you started the business. I am hoping you did some form of research because you started out. Notwithstanding just identify the audience that you feel you serve best and them begin to get a better understanding of them and adjust your service according to accommodate their needs. Get feedback from your current client and use that information to expand and also ask them to refer you to others.
Here are some question to ask yourself and the team:
1. How would you describe your ideal customer?
2. Do you have a particular target market?
3. Do you have any passing trade?
4. Do you gain customer feedback regarding your products/services?
5. How do your customers influence your business?
I hope this is useful.

Answered 7 years ago

You need to decide which direction your company should go in. If you specialize in burgers, fries, etc. then you need to aim for birthday parties, end of season sports dinners, casual gatherings, and other events like that. If you’d like to schedule a call I’d be happy to talk in more detail. Best!

Answered 7 years ago

14 years of my career was as a commercial service industry supplier, plus owned restaurant with elite catering division. As you are the creator of your business and your amazing products, you are the designer and creator of your customer bases. With little detail to the question, the answer here is sweeping - as catering has many sides: whole sale elements; day and night settings; special events by categories which you want to market to; multi-course fine dining; and light affairs - to name a few, right? I was surprised by the diversity my catering took on and got to thinking - who else wants '5 sense' meals - and when and where? If you want, sign up for a call and we will discuss broadening specific categories that you are already working with and envisioning.

Answered 7 years ago

1. What inspired you to start the business?

2. What do you picture when you close your eyes and picture a successful catering event? Is it a fancy outdoor wedding? Or an indoor corporate event?

3. Is their a certain menu or dishes you enjoy preparing?

This questions will lead you to choose your unique audience—one you are so excited to serve that you will automatically devote your time and energy to doing a great job.

Answered 7 years ago

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