Do you have any winning tips on writing the best IM?

We're now seeking exit after putting everything into building our self-funded business. We have a banker, so you may ask why I'm asking here. We've got one shot at finding the best home for the business we've put our hearts and soul into building. To clarify too, after having strong acquisition interest, we've written the IM and intending to send out next week. Just want to ensure we've got it as good as possible before getting it out there. And we have at least one ideal buyer in mind (and should we tailor an IM version for them if that's the case?) Many many thanks if you've got any big tips to consider at this late stage of read through. Lastly we're a UK-based company. I get the IM is factual and not fluff, it feels quite 'modest British' and wonder whether we should be going to town shouting up the unicorn potential we and the market seems to believe it has for a potential and likely (US) buyer?


I've written numerous IMs for UK companies and have put together some detailed advice on what to say and not say in IMs. Have a look here:

Answered 5 years ago

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