I am a certified Style Coach, who currently works one-on-one with individuals in person and via Skype. My business is starting to fall off and I think my "niche" is too broad - e.g. women business professionals. Any tips on how to narrow a niche through research would be appreciated! Also any tips to expand online vs. in-person would be great as well.

I studied Psychology, but I’m also certified and experienced in Personal Styling. I love helping professionals in the art and design industries.

It’s usually much easier to find clients who are close to the niche of your circle of friends, your personal interests and your own life style. Think about what is your own clothing style in your personal time not at work.
First you need to know yourself. Who are you? What fashion style do you like and know the best? This can be your speciality and unique niche. Are you Bohemian, Arty, Chic, Classic, Traditional, Glamorous, or Romantic in your style? Maybe you know where to find all hippie, exotic, flamboyant, sexy, sophisticated or preppy clothing accessories in the city. Maybe you are fan of punk, metal or goth music and can dress accordingly. Choose one from your heart.
Who are the people around you: students, artists, public speakers, comedy actors, politicians, people the LGBT community? Your specialization can be also just helping others find their own personal style, define individual taste to express who they are in professional and personal life.

Tips to expand online: It is possible to meet clients on Skype. Keep in mind that colours are not represented correctly on a webcam over Skype, but despite that it is still a useful and important tool in this profession. Accompanied by PayPal for business, it could allow you to expand your business to long distance, even internationally. You can also promote your service online with Instagram and a blog of your choice.

Feel free to contact me If you have more questions or want me to assist you in the process of choosing the right niche.

Answered 3 years ago

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