What are some good questions to ask digital product users in order to improve an app?

Product devs/managers: what are some good questions to ask users in order to improve digital products. Things like, "If you had a magic wand, what's one thing you'd change in the app to make it better." I'm curious to know if anyone has any questions they like to ask OR knows of a list/article somewhere with good questions to ask. Thanks!


How would you describe this app to a friend? Who would you recommend this app to? If the app wasn't working, what would you use instead? And observation! Just watching people use the app, you can see from their faces/hands which bit is working for them or not. Great to hone in those areas of delight and frustration and ask "you seem frustrated right now, is something not working for you" or the opposite? Do these rather than asking about a magic wand. I worked at the forefront of streaming video and consumers asked for everything and then once they got it, didn't use the features etc. You will find similar stories elsewhere. Share the resource if you find it. Thanks

Answered 2 years ago

Q: Can you see yourself using this product 6 months from now?

Q: Is there another product on the market that you find intriguing and intend to research further?

Q: Have you ever told another person about his product?

Q: Do you find enjoyment is using this product or is this something strictly work related and you have no choice but to use this product to perform your duties.

Q: What part of the application do tend to find frustration with?

Q: Would you ever have any interest in working in with our company to improve this product?

Answered 2 years ago

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