When will I be able to use Clarity to call potential customers? Because what they think matters most

I'm currently paying $5 per interview on Airtasker, which isn't optimal, because they're not built for that (They're a clone of Taskrabbit)


You can call anyone for advice / feedback on Clarity, you're just not allowed to pitch. So technically we support it today and many people already do this.

It's call Customer Development.

Answered 9 years ago

As Dan says, ( and he should know) This site is not really for that. You could develop relationships by giving advice on subjects pertaining to your business, but i see that as a byproduct.
Use LinkedIn and other social and business apps to reach out and engage customers.

Answered 9 years ago

I use Twitter for Customer Development as well. You'd be surprised how well Twitter can be for finding potential customers and you can reach out to them by a simple direct message.

I can share with anyone on how I use Twitter to connect with my target market.


Answered 9 years ago

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