My startup is an educational platform for marketing courses . A similar model done well in another niche is . The company is profitable (but not funded), however to grow and evolve I need someone invested as a partner (I think :-). Ideally I would like someone experienced in digital publishing and distribution. Locating people is less difficult, it's the approach of running it by them, making sure it is structured correctly. etc.

Well, lets work backwards:

Structure is pretty simple: 4 year vest, 1 year cliff, for a percentage of the company that will match their commitment and unique contribution to the success of the venture.

Running it by them is pretty simple: Tell everyone you can about the problem, the assumptions you have about a solution, the vision for how your company can make some real money by solving a real problem. For each person you talk to, many will say, "That's nice, congratulations." And maybe one or two will say, "OMG, I want to be a part of that." Pick one of those.

So now, it's just down to Locating People:;;; Local University; snapchat.

Finally remember, 100% of $0 = $0.

Clearly it can get much more nuanced than this, and I'm happy to share some more strategies in each of these channels. But, end of the day, you just need as many at bats as you can find, and don't rush it.

Answered 7 years ago

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