How can I set up a multi-use game area or multi-game court facility in the US?

Is there a difference between Multi use game areas (#MUGA) as popularly known in Europe and Multi-game courts (#MGC) of USA? I understand MUGAs are often supplied as a ready-made solutions by various playground equipment manufacturers whereas MGCs are custom built by modular sport surface companies and enables client to select from myriad of dimension, layout, design, and color options. Any recommendation for how to set-up one in the USA? Price idea and installation guidelines will be highly appreciated.


I am certified in Sports Admin with focus being on the High School Athletic Departments and also with National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) as Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA). I also spent 12 years in Europe (Germany to specific) as a member of the US Army. Seven of those 12 years were living in a local German community. I would advise that you understand and make sure you have a grasp of the demographics of the area. First and foremost to understand what the families or community is looking for. As I stated earlier, having lived in Europe you'll need to understand that the equipment/playing field needs generally tend to be totally different. In the US a full MGC is usually bought for a school, a middle class or above residential community, or a financially well off family in a well to do residential community. It is a sad but factual statement that many underserved communities of color either don't get equipment as such or the equipment is in a state of disrepair. Most MGC's are an amalgamation of a multi-purpose basketball court, tennis court, floor hockey rink, and five-a-side soccer cage. MGC's I will say are quite common on US military posts especially in Europe where American children may not otherwise have access to certain courts. I have seen price ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 Intermediate Schools (7th/8th Grade) through High School MGC's are Multi-Purpose Track and Field Stadiums, Multi-Purpose Football Stadium, or some are the cross-section of both where you are starting out at a bargain basement end of $80,000 and upwards. As far as installation goes most companies either offer or have some sort guidance on installation. These are quite expensive acquisitions so I would advise the professional route when it comes to installation.

Please feel free to contact through clarity with any follow concerns...…..

Answered 6 years ago

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