How can I sell content apps in China on the App Store and Google Play?

Looking to take a call with someone that understands the app market in China. Specifically localization and volume of English speaking Chinese and/or how much they will accept/demand English content apps.


Hi. This one is easy to answer, but hard to solve. If you want to have live content in a mobile app that is updated over the Internet (ex: via the cloud), then you can *only* house that content on servers INSIDE China.

I have a lot of experience trying to support everything from mobile games to major enterprise applications in China. The country has very tight restrictions on the web. There are many well-known (top chart) US apps that are essentially blank or useless in China because of this.

If you want to sell apps that access data in China, then buy server time in China to house that data. Period.

Additionally, let's talk app stores and downloads. You can easily offer your apps for download on iTunes China immediately. But there is no Google Play store in China (see data reasons above.) When it comes to Android, there are hundreds of tiny to huge app stores in China. Most require you to have a presence (an address) in China to register for the store. Before you decide on an app store, you may first want to explore messaging apps.

Messaging apps like WeChat, QQ, etc. are the number 1 source of app downloads in China. They are like FB Messanger on massive steroids. If you're going to go to all the trouble of putting your data in China, then you should probably build your app to be used in / through / or via a messaging app.

Let me know if you want to talk live in more depth about this. The opportunity is enormous. You just have to be willing to overcome the initial barriers.

Answered 6 years ago

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