I want to start a small service that does Facebook marketing and advertising for small local businesses, i.e., local pizza places, electricians, yoga studios, gyms, etc. I prefer to offer only 1 service (Facebook) and not consult on numerous different social platforms. I have NO idea what to name my service and I keep going into circles. I thought of calling my service something like "Local ______" so that clients would know I specialize in finding local customers to visit their business. I think it may tell the benefit of using me. But then I think I'd be better off doing something easier like just using my last name and "Marketing", like Smith Marketing or or Smith Agency. Does one approach have an advantage over the other?

Naming your service based on your surname has some disadvantages. For example:

- Surnames aren't memorable. Personally I'm terrible at remembering people's names after meeting them.

- Surnames are sometimes hard to spell, which can lead to misdirected online traffic

- Difficult to separate yourself from the business. Your own name is your own reputation. Best to have a way to separate the 2 in case the business gets negative reviews. Or in case you later choose to to be known for something else.

- What if you want to sell the company? Do you want your personal name attached to somebody else's business practices? Meanwhile, if the buyer is thinking about rebranding, then they'll plan on deducting that cost from what they'd have otherwise paid you.

If you'd like more advice on naming and/or domain selection, let's set up a call. These topics have been my full time job for years.

Answered 3 years ago

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