What are the advantages of having a virtual assistant?

How much more productive can you be with a virtual assistant? What are the benefits of having one?


Focus on your core activity and save money.
VAs are good if you can devote initial hours and train as per your need.
Are you looking for one? I can suggest few top resources, who can do FREE trial as well.

Answered 3 years ago

Having a virtual assistant is the new way of doing business, you are thinking practically.
Advantages and Disadvantages work either side the way you initiate the process.

As you have asked for the advantages there is surely a list to it, its as follows:
1) Healthy to your pocket, as you hire a virtual assistant for the duration you actually need them for.
2) You save on space-cost as all work is done in their space, and the best part you aren't paying for it.
3) The virtual assistants are really productive as they are working in their comfort zones.

Surely, there are disadvantages when you hire a virtual assistant. But I could help you be well prepared with the appointment pattern, process of daily work, target mentoring etc.

Do let me know if you think you need my support to have a strong system to have a virtual team.

Answered 3 years ago

Thats a great question, people can get quite confused as to what a Virtual Assistant (VA) does, and how they can help them in their business.

So, firstly, virtual assistants can be a generalists; general admin including email and diary management, travel arrangements etc, or they can be specialists; such as social media management, copywriting, book-keeping, or a VA specialising in particular software(s) etc.

So the ways that they can help you with productivity is either by doing the tasks that you aren’t good at; those tasks that takes you a week to do, like setting up email marketing from scratch, or developing a basic website, can take a VA with the right skillset much less time.

Another way is by doing the tasks that you don’t like doing, especially if you find them mundane, like data entry for example, so that you can focus your efforts on not just the things you like doing, but also on the tasks that bring you in clients.

If you need help in deciding what tasks you want to delegate, or indeed any other tips on delegating to be more productive, then don’t hesitant to give me a call!

Answered 3 years ago

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