If I am trying to start an unlimited design services business, how can I figure out pricing?

I wanted to start a Design Agency offering unlimited Graphic Design Services. I have already seen others with the same service available now, but they only accept minor projects. I wanted to do real Graphic Design services. I wanted to seek advise on how I would price it. Then I also wanted to offer a startup package for startups.


Do in-depth competition research. Find people doing exactly what you do and call/email and ask for pricing. Make sure you have exact specs for the "job" mapped out and use the same exact details for everyone you call.

If you can't find anyone at all who does what you want to do you should dig deep and find out why nobody does it. There are probably good reasons.

Answered 7 years ago

Excellent question! The only way for this to work would be to have strict definitions around the term unlimited. Netflix had unlimited DVD rental in the early days and this only worked because you couldn't get the next DVD until you had sent back the current DVD.

Unlimited may work for larger projects if:
- used a word to define a short task (could be task, job or a more creative name)
- behind the scenes have a set amount of time for a job
- work out the maths on your pricing per month, less profit needing to equal the maximum amount of hours that someone at X dollars per hour may be working. Like insurance, you could underestimate the hours a little with the thought that not everyone is going to send work at full capacity but this is a risk.
- when a client submits longer work, have someone split up the job into milestone jobs
- have these completed in a defined SLA timeframe i.e. "jobs are completed 12 hours following your previous job"

I hope this helps.

Answered 7 years ago

Graphics Design is the most creative Profession. if you can provide to business of design. I will recommended that this is the perfect point for business.

about your configure pricing. don't worry which creativity you will get more values.
you will decide after making your business.

King Regards
Rimu C

Answered 7 years ago

Very tricky. I never heard of this. I hope you can work out a profit in there somewhere when you do figure out pricing, Unlimited scares me.

Answered 7 years ago

What about turning the issue upside down. What if you offered defined services vs. unlimited, but you asked your clients to pay what they think the service is worth to them?
Now that's a service worth talking about.

Answered 7 years ago

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