What is the best apps to use every day for productivity/growth?

What other apps/sites do you use every day to enhance your work that people may not have heard of?


As a consultant and writer, I need to juggle a lot of different deadlines and demands. I've found that the best app for me is Asana. It's customizable, so I can adapt it to every project while maintaining a cohesive calendar with all of my deadlines.

That said, I also pair Asana with an old-fashioned notebook and pen. Instead of writing to-do lists, I write have-done lists. At the end of the day, I benefit from a clear picture of what I've accomplished that day — it allows me to step away from my work with a clear mind, knowing that I've tackled a fair number of projects.

If you need help managing your projects, feel free to reach out for my input. I've written about productivity for Fast Company, Inc. and Entrepreneur — I would love to share more thoughts with you.

Answered 7 years ago

I find turning my phone off enhances my work more than any app I've heard of, used or deleted.

Answered 7 years ago

Rescue Time is reasonably useful although I still find aspects of the UI clunky.

Answered 7 years ago

For personal use I'd recommend RescueTime, for team management I'd recommend TimeDoctor + integration with ClickUp (task management) and Slack (communication)

Answered 4 years ago

I will divide your questions in two parts, apps for growth and apps for productivity. So first I will begin with the apps that would enhance your productivity both at personal and professional levels.
1. Accounts Payable: QuickBooks with ACH is an easy and free way to simplify your payment process. Through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, you will move money from one bank account to another. An automatic scheduling feature will save you time each month since you will not be manually making the disbursements yourself. Plus, you will never miss a payment to vendors or employees which is a win-win for everyone.
2. Clearer Communications: A good communication app will facilitate the flow of information among employees and reduce internal emails. You can achieve this with Slack or Skype. Organizations can easily set up channels for specific employees and then share files, data, and updates with that team. Other channels can have a broader reach, keeping the entire company connected. For organizations using Office 365, Skype is the best way to stay connected. Like other tools, it enables you to have virtual meetings, screen share and share documents. But extra capabilities, like drafting and collaborating on a virtual whiteboard and record meetings, make the app stand out from other conferencing or chat solutions.
3. Employee Monitoring Software: Whether you are trying to curtail employee use of social media at work or want a better understanding of how long it takes people to complete certain tasks, employee monitoring tools can help. Popular features include real-time screenshots of employee devices, keystroke recording, activity and time tracking, and email monitoring. But those are not your only options. Work Examiner will let you block certain websites and Hubstaff, has built-in support for payroll and invoicing. Employee monitoring software can be installed remotely and in stealth mode, as well as before the devices are assigned to employees. If you are considering advanced employee monitoring software, it is highly recommended to partner with an experience managed IT services provider.
4. Time and Project Management Apps: If you only use Evernote to make grocery lists, you are missing out on a time management asset. Reminders for tasks can be set, and you can choose to have notifications sent to your phone or email. The app syncs across devices, keeping you on top of your tasks no matter where you are. When you need a way to manage projects, turn to Function Fox. Within the platform, you can assign tasks and due dates, set alerts, update a project’s status, track project and employee time, and manage budgets. It contains everything members of your team need to stay on top of developments and meet deadlines.
5. Expense Apps: It is both difficult and annoying to keep track of physical receipts. Expensify solves this problem because as soon as you get the receipt, you can take a photo and its SmartScan feature will extract the necessary information for your expense report. Expensify is perhaps one of the few apps that both the sales team and accounting departments love and will not live without. Expensify also integrates with several other apps and tools used by companies and business travellers like Uber, Lyft, QuickBooks, Zenefits, Xero and more.
6. Securely Send Files: When clients ask for a way to securely send, share and store files we recommend Sharefile. All your documents can be stored in one place and accessed from any device. Then, using a plugin or the Office 365 integration, you can send encrypted emails. As a result, it is easy for teams to work on projects or share information without worrying about the safety of data.
7. Master Marketing and Email Automation: Simple and robust, Constant Contact enables you to spend less time on sales and marketing emails without sacrificing quality. There are easy-to-use drag-and-drop templates and features like subject line testing that make your campaigns more effective.
Now we will look at the Apps to improve growth.
1. Aloe Bud: Aloe Bud is an easy way to make sure you are taking care of yourself every day. The app sends gentle nudges throughout the day, reminding you to drink water, eat, reach out to friends and more. Instead of guilting you if you are not doing well, Aloe Bud encourages you to celebrate even the small victories.
2. Shleep: The Shleep app (download for iOS or Android) is a helpful app if you are hoping to fall asleep faster and feel more rested when you wake up. Shleep rates how well you are sleeping with a questionnaire and teaches you how to sleep better through learning modules. Depending on your sleeping habits, Shleep will prioritize certain modules over others.
3. ToDon't: The ToDon't app (download for iOS or Chrome) might sound like the opposite of how you want 2019 to be but hear me out. The app works on getting you to procrastinate bad habits or what you do not want to accomplish that day. ToDon't could potentially help you avoid bad choices like checking social media or letting laundry pile up.
4. Loosid: If you are hoping to cut back on drinking or be sober, it is important to find a like-minded community. Loosid (download for iOS) is a digital sober community, providing support to members and celebrating the choice of sobriety. The app links up users with friend groups, dating options and sober events.
5. SmokeFree: Smoking is one of the most challenging habits to break. SmokeFree (download for Android) can help you quit cold turkey or cut back slowly. The app offers users motivational phrases, tips, time elapsed without cigarettes and a chart of money saved. You can use it to set incentives for yourself: For example, with the cash saved by not buying cigarettes you could buy yourself a new phone.
6. Calm: Whether you live with anxiety or just had a busy day, Calm can help you find a few moments in the day to feel peaceful. The app offers hundreds of meditations on topics including anxiety, stress, sleeping, forgiveness, gratitude and more. The sessions range from three to 25 minutes long. The app has a seven-day free trial and then costs either $60 per year or a one-time $300 payment.
7. Anxietyhelper: The Anxietyhelper app teaches you about anxiety and panic attacks so you can better understand what is happening in your body. You will learn signs and symptoms, coping methods and treatment options. If you are actively having an attack, there is a panic alert function to notify a trusted person to help guide you through the episode.
8. Journal: Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to see how much you have changed and accomplished over time. Getting your thoughts and feelings on paper is also therapeutic. There are dozens of journal apps available, so it is all about finding one that best suits your needs. The Day One app just had a big update in August. You can also use the stock notes app on your phone.
9. Stretch Timer: You do not have to commit to a vast amount of exercise to make a change in your life. Developing a habit of stretching at least once a day can make a big difference. It is also doable for most people with physical limitations or injuries. The Stretch Timer app is an easy way to keep track of repetitions and time while listening to calm music.
10. Lumosity: If you play games to distract yourself or wind down from a long day, this could be for you. Lumosity lets you play games, learn, and improve your mind all at once. The app includes puzzles, memory games, logic problems, meditation techniques and more. As you play, you can track your progress while learning your strengths, weaknesses, and cognitive patterns.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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