What are the best apps to use daily for productivity/growth?

What apps/sites are commonly used every day to enhance work? Any unique apps that I maybe haven't heard of?


This is a loaded question! Depending on what you do of course the answer will vary.
Im the founder and CEO of a Robinhood marketing agency, dubbed - We bring big business marketing tools and strategies with small, growing companies. My schedule is very different than that of a CEO in my position.

For example, I am very hands on the projects we have, just the way I started my business, as it grew my name got very attached to the brand and thus a lot of our clients hire because they want me to help on a campaign or project, so I wake up around 4am, check my email and my SLACK - which is how me and my team communicates and keeps our conversations seperated from client's convos and per project.
I respond to emails and check our Hubspot platform, hangout with my kids then around 9am head to the office where I have a 1 hour coffee & convo with entreprenurs all over the world through a seperate #SLACK channel.

Then I check TRELLO - for project management work and follow up on issues I see through Slack as well.

I use my Text Messenger App a lot actually to send myself notes through text - i don't open them up until I am ready to take care of them, since I text other people, this is a clever way for me to easily get reminded of a task w/o getting annoyed with the reminders (this would be an awesome app btw! If you're looking for ideas, lets get this one going!)

Aside from those that dictate how I work, I use Dashlane a lot to save me time entering passwords, etc - especially for other clients.
That's about it, maybe Google Calendars, but don't use it unless is for something way ahead in time.

Answered 7 years ago

These are some of the apps I love and use on a daily basis.
1. Focus Keeper: It's based on Pomodoro technique spending 25minutes on a task then take a short break before starting another 25 minutes. This is great for managing distractions, eliminate burnout, and promote better productivity.

2. Binaural: Simple app which has multiple frequency selections to listen to when you are doing high level task, meditation, and even sleeping. Be sure to switch to airplane more when using it before bed to avoid any interruption to our circadian rhythm.

3. I use it daily for my to-do-list and reminder. Simple and straight forward to use.

Answered 7 years ago

I use Calm which is a meditation App. A daily practice of meditation is easily the best thing you can do to enhance your productivity and growth. Headspace is another one. Seems all a bit woo woo for some people I know. Do a search on Business People Who Meditate

Answered 7 years ago

Based on the apps I have on my phone and my experience with those apps, I suggest you the following apps: Slack, Wunderlist, Dropbox. These apps can help you with the power of cloud. You can integrate your Wunderlist and Dropbox into your Slack for maximum productivity. Also, look for Mindly, or similar apps, to organize your goals, with a mind map. Other apps that you can make your work easier are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, IFTT(to automate your tasks). Finally, you should have a keyboard that allows you to write faster. Even the most small things can maximize your productivity. These are the most important important apps, if you need some help with Dropbox and other apps integration into Slack or other questions, you can also call me.

Answered 7 years ago

I am always striving for better productivity in all aspects of life and I love Superbetter. It gamifies goal achievement and helps overcome adversity in your own life through thought provoking challenges, definitely worth a try!

Answered 6 years ago

The problem with asking for app recommendations is that with the recommendations, you're getting someone else's opinion on something that works for them.

Instead of seeking apps to solve problems that you do or do not have, determine what problem you need to solve, then seek out an app that solves that particular problem.

Even better? Determine if you're already using an app that has a feature that addresses this problem well. Simplicity is key when you're seeking technology solutions to human problems.

Finally, I'd recommend determining if you've got your bases covered in three key areas:

1. Time Management
2. Task Management
3. Knowledge Management

Have you solved these problems? If not, I can help...


Answered 5 years ago

We are working on a app to reward you for your productivity. We reward in our own currency the “SELF Coin” which is worth about $0.05 per coin right now. If you’re interested I can send over more information.

Answered 4 years ago

The perception of productivity in the business world can be see in three ways as was found analysis of the interviewees:
1. ‘Efficiency’: this is the economic perspective of productivity, focusing on the optimal use of resources. This aligns with the output-input schema, where the overall focus is to “achieve more (output) with less (input)”. This perspective of productivity was mentioned 39% of the time; meaning that the economic perspective on productivity is not widely shared by the stakeholders as a key component of productivity at the project level.
2. ‘Effectiveness’: This is the ability to achieve set objectives. In the project context, the objectives are cost/budget, time/schedule, scope, and quality. This is more of a performance issue and perhaps, explains why the terms ‘productivity’ and ‘performance’ are used in tandem. This perspective was mentioned 35% of the time.
3. Sundry items: The participants also expected productivity to involve the achievement of other indicators of performance such as safety, client satisfaction, relationships (including absence of disputes/litigations), workforce satisfaction, reputation (for performance), future job orders, and regulatory/statutory compliance. These sundry items accounted for about 26% of the recurring themes in the interviewees’ expectation or understanding of the concept of productivity.
I believe this link will be of great help:
Besides, they have app in Google play Store as well.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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