If you are working on a book and a website but feel like you've lost direction, would it be wise to get a mentor?


I will never recommend you to stop ever. Stopping is not the solution, pivot also may not be the solution. All you need is to 'Focus' and little motivation. You thought it right, you need a mentor, a consultant or a guide who can identify your strengths and let you focus upon it. A daily dose of motivation will take you towards your aim.

You may talk to me if you need any further advise, I am expert into it.

Many thanks

Answered 7 years ago

A mentor is one approach. You can expect to gain wisdom and insight from someone who has been in your shoes at a point in their past. Based on your question, however, it sounds like you'd benefit more from a consultant or strategist tnat can actually help you refocus on your goals and help you establish a plan to move forward. I'm happy to jump on a call with you to help sort through it all.

Answered 7 years ago

I own a Digital Marketing Company, and also I am a #1 National bestselling author. One of the best things about mentorship is, that they have already climbed through the mountain tops and the valleys that you are likely experiencing. Life is not just one mountain top that you climb up and when you get there everything is complete. Its a Mountain Range, and when you feel like you have lost direction, a mentor is there to guide you from their experience. The fastest way to reach the results that you are looking to acheive is to work with someone that has already broken down the barriers that you will face on your journey. Keep in mind every surgeon wants to cut, every pharmacist wants to drug, and every coach wants to coach. The best reason to work with a coach is to have someone there to hold you accountable to what ever dreams and direction it is that you want to work towards. I personally have invested over $65,000 dollars in my own personal development from Jan 1st 2017 to August 7th 2017 With this investment I've been able to Build a company generating over a million in revenue, and write a national best selling book and be featured on podcast around the world, and i've been paid to speak in front of thousands. I'm not saying mentorship is the reason I was able to achieve this but the results do speak for themselves. (I have 2 mentors/coaches I speak bi-weekly and a mastermind group that I meet with weekly) Give me a call and lets discuss how to reach those goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Answered 7 years ago

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