How do I start a Web-Analysis?

Hi. How do I start a Web-Analysis? I have to analyse a website and the related Facebook Page. What do I have to consider (i.e. key figures) and which tools exist (free/paid)? And does a best practice schedule template exist? Or would you mind share it with me/us? Thank you.


Google Analytics is the best free tool out there for this. Make sure that you are focusing your report on conversions - how many/what percentage of website visitors are taking action (filling out a form, buying a product, etc.).

If you're interested in paying for help, you should check out Moz or HubSpot, but Google Analytics is your best free option for web reporting. They also provide some social reporting - which social networks are driving traffic to the site and which network referrals are leading to the most conversions.

Good luck!

Answered 11 years ago

I would start here:

Then I would read anything else that sounds interesting here:

More importantly, *why* do you "have to analyze a website and the related Facebook page"? Lets say you have the perfect data, what are you planning to do with it? What are you trying to change?

Answered 11 years ago

I agree with the previous answer that Google Analytics and the built-in Facebook stats are a great place to start for this. One question to ask is what the goals are for the business. If your goals are to increase Facebook page likes (which usually isn't a top recommendation), then your reporting will be different than if your goal is to get people to your site to order a product (a much better way to use Facebook).

It's difficult to say which key figures to use without know more about the business. The top ones are traffic, traffic sources, and conversions (if you have goals set up in Google Analytics). If you don't have enough traffic, then you need to focus on generating that, and if you are getting enough traffic but aren't converting, then you need to work on improving conversion rates. The good news is that all of this can be done with Google Analytics so long as you have it set up properly.

Answered 11 years ago

Expertise in both digital marketing and web analytics. I have experiences working with multinational brands on their web report analysis and marketing effectiveness.

Goes without say GA is the best free tool available.

Here's the general process I recommend:
1. Understand business goals and objectives - who is this report prepped for and for what purpose? what kind of website is it?

2. GA Audit & Setup - most people ignore this step but its actually very critical because if you find out the site is not tracking critical information, any data you pull from it will be skewed and unreliable.

3. Determine KPI which addresses your objectives. - different objectives will result in the need for various KPI. But in general, conversions and transactions are always on the list.

4. Digging into data to find insights. - using segmentation & filters to gather specific data which can provide very specific insights. (too often people fall into the trap of high level KPI which offer little insight or actionable next steps)

I'd be more than happy to hop on a call to help you figure out these targets and work through.

Answered 11 years ago

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