How can I find a list of legitimate data entry companies?

I am looking to tie up with small data entry companies and work as a franchisee. How can I get a list of data entry companies - specifically ones that may want to franchise?


I almost always turn to Upwork for work like this and I focus on the Philippines. Excellent workforce, good attitudes, and effective results if you screen well. Can't beat the cost, either. Don't expect to get good results from the lowest priced, but I have had superb folks at $15/hour.

Answered 7 years ago

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Here are some suggestions for finding legitimate data entry companies that offer franchise opportunities:

Search online directories for franchise opportunities. Sites like,, and list franchises by industry, including business services like data entry. Look for established companies.

Contact industry associations like the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) and inquire about member companies. Reputable ones may offer franchising.

Search business opportunity or franchise resale sites. Sites like BizBuySell list existing franchise businesses for sale, including data entry companies potentially open to franchising.

Reach out to franchise development consultants. Consultants can provide referrals to data entry companies seeking franchisees in your area.

Search local business chambers of commerce. Look for established data entry companies registered as members and contact them directly.

Attend franchise or business opportunity expos in your region. Data entry companies may exhibit and provide information on franchise opportunities.

Check with for data entry company franchise filings. Only legitimate franchisors are required to register documentation.

When contacting companies, check for established track records, positive franchisee reviews, clear franchising terms, and support provided. Avoid asking for large upfront fees without a franchise agreement. Due diligence is key to avoiding potential scams.

Answered 3 months ago

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