I am currently on my way to creating an online course. The problems that I'm trying to solve are: 1. Getting additional money from freelancing jobs as a programmer 2. Difficulties on learning to program 3. Getting clients It's for Ruby on Rails programming at the start, but once this succeed I want to branch into other programming like React, Python-Django and Node.js. Probably the target market is people who already have a job and want to switch careers into IT/programming, people who want to get additional income from freelancing, people that want to get dollar online (my target country is not USA), or perhaps start up founders who want to learn to code. I'm still clueless on how to market this course once it completed.

I'd start with #1 & #3 and ignore #2 for the moment.

Teaching people to program is a brutally competitive space with some pretty sizable funding behind it.

But teaching current programmers to make more money and win more clients? Much lower barrier to entry IMO.

The reality is, there's no magic formula in launching something like this (although, many will attempt to sell it to you :)).

My Advice:

1) Build a useful course.
2) Create a presentation touting the benefits of your course.
3) Setup reoccurring webinars (read: record once, have daily 'airings')
4) Buy a niche set of Facebook ads to your dream buyer.

Test from there... Happy to discuss further if you're interested.

Answered 3 years ago

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