Where can I find the best clone scripts for websites like Groupon, Kickstarter and

Also can a developer edit these scripts and make a new product without too much difficulty? How much time/money do I save by using one?


Hello I am Priyanka.
In this I would like to see my personal experience with you.
ClonesCloud offers many popular clone scripts and you can find the best deal there. They are offering ready-made clone scripts and custom services as well.

You are looking for the Kickstarter Clone then I would like to tell you that go with FundForIdea that is a ClonesCloud’s Script. But why should you go with FundForIdea?

This clone script is developed using all the latest web technologies like

It covers all basic features which are required to start your Crowdfunding business. Also, it satisfies all the needs of business working model. It is 100% customizable, so you can add the features you want.

FundForIdea supports all basic types of crowdfunding concepts which are

Rewards-based crowdfunding
Donation-based crowdfunding
Equity crowdfunding
Debt crowdfunding
So, you can start with any business model and can approach your targeted audience.

USA developer can edit the script and make a new product without much difficulty. By doing this he will save lots of time and as well as lots of money which can be saved and gained as a profit.

For further queries you can consult me.

Answered 6 years ago

I am an app developer and worked for lot of companies all around the world. I can guide you better. If you are investing you money make sure you do some research and take others feedback too. I am sharing this company based on research and the technology they used. They develop best clone script.
If you want more clearity on how to choose best company, Read these blogs:

Answered 4 years ago

I suggest you post on a freelance network for quotes on the cost of cloning. I also know you can buy white-label software from various vendors.

Answered 7 years ago

I'm an ecommerce and digital marketing professional and also have many years experience in web development.

I recommend going with a WordPress based site, because there are many available themes already, and a huge community of developers that can customize them without much difficulty.

Here's a great list of Groupon clones:

5 good examples of Kickstarter clone themes:

Clones of seem to be a bit harder to come by. Here's a non-WordPress one called Shopr - It's based in Angular which is a fast and well supported new web framework.

Answered 7 years ago

Hi! I'm William.
I'm working for a reputed company as an app Developer.
We see aspirants like you reaching to us with the same question almost every day. We offer them a look at our best clone scripts that we have built with our latest tech stack. We are generously inclined to all the requests our friends make during the business meetings. The white labels we have are state-of-the-art that enables immediate scalability. With all our clone script built with successfull source codes, we have made all digital business setup significantly easy. If you are looking to launch your business quickly, our readymade scripts for Groupon, Kickstart, and are market-class solutions. Our team of professionals guides you through every step of your journey.

our readymade taxi app solution:

Answered 3 years ago

You can get clone scripts help from here:
Clone scripts have a lot of benefits. Focusing your website cloning efforts on a particular niche will give you more scope. Website Clone is developed using latest web-technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, MySQL.
You can read more here:
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 3 years ago

The best ebay clone script is the one that has reliable features, user-friendly interface, better performance, security, and trendiest technologies. The best ebay clone script will be flexible enough to meet your online classified business requirements. Also, the finest ebay clone script allows to include remunerative revenue-generating factors like promotional and banner ads, transaction fees, and featured promotions. You can find one such top-notch ebay clone script at Appkodes. So, get a perfect ebay clone script and start your online classified business successfully.

To know more visit:

Answered 3 years ago

Thank you so much for giving us a chance to clarify your queries.

First thing first, When it comes to finding the best clone script always opt for a renowned developing company like Appkodes.

It's true there are umpteen number developing companies available to provide you with varied clone products. Yet, you are in search of a unique script that stands out from the rest.

Therefore, Appkodes is the one stop where you can find a range of deftly crafted clone products such as Amazon clone, Uber clone, Taskrabbit clone, and much more. Undeniably, it is the right place where you'll find the exact clone script you are looking for.

So, its advisable to customize a readily available script as per your business requirements than spending time and developing and app from scratch.

And regarding your second query, Yeah! Of course it is possible to edit the codes if the product is developer-friendly and, all the clone products of Appkodes are developer-friendly.

Above all you can get your clone product developed at a much affordable price and within your expected period of time.

So, Without giving much thought be quick to connect with their team. Best Wishes On your Upcoming Venture!

Answered 3 years ago

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