How can I better market my web application to relevant agencies?

We launched a few months ago to help agencies with a large volume of low value orders manage their clients, orders and freelancers better. The tool was originally built to solve our problems running such an agency, so we thought it would be useful to others in a similar situation. We however found that most of our target agencies already had a similar internal system, or were using a couple of tools they were happy with. We've reached out to agencies in CV writing, proofreading and translation industries with little success. As this was a tool that helped solve our problem, I naively thought it could be useful to similar companies in my industry. My mistake. As a last resort, I'd like to solicit feedback from experts on Clarity on alternative industries / business areas where they think such a tool may be useful. Topii is currently a service booking tool that agencies can use in managing their orders, clients and freelancers. It can accept orders and payments from clients, assign work to freelancers and manage deliverables. It can also be easily pivoted into a tool for managing or paying freelancers.


You could try pivoting the product to help individuals that need to use foreign freelancers to have their app developed, because they don't have enough money to pay a local developer, and they can't find a technical co-founder. This is actually a very common problem.

Working with foreign freelancers is cheap by the hour, but many times the end cost may be huge due to a difficulty in finding, hiring, and managing remote, sometimes low quality developers. There isn't a good solution to this at the moment, but many people are working on it.

If you'd like to discuss more about the background of that problem, or other potential pivots, or how to improve your product's landing page (it's pretty bad at the moment), let me know,



Answered 7 years ago

Register for LinkedIn groups related to your target market. Give relevant info. This will help build your brand, which will open doors to promote your business. This is free.

Answered 7 years ago

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