How can I bring more business to my data entry company?

I'm a startup company searching for regular clients. How should I approach companies outside of my country for work?


As I have had regional responsibility covering several countries is normal for me to think about bringing customers from several different countries.

Follow some points that can be considered.

Questions per example as:

- Main KPI´s and Strategic Goals.
- What are the Go to Market Strategies?
- Does your Business Plan define Goas, Strategies and Actions to achieve public abroad?

We also have to consider that today some web tools are worlwide tools. So, we can go to different alternatives depending on your products.

To have quality in your products and to promote actions through Internet and other ways can also leverage the penetration of your business in another countries.

The better diagnostics only will be possible with a deep evaluation of your products and businesses

If you have a good quality Business Plan it will be key for the development of Strategies and Actions in order to bring more results for your company.

It will be a pleasure to answer your questions having more details. I think I can contribute considerably. For that I am totally available.

Answered 7 years ago

Try very targeted Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Go with aggressive pricing on the first one if needed, then use it as a case study.

Facebook acquisition costs can be shockingly low if you know what you're doing.

Free hours for referrals can be a huge one as well. Current customers are always the best marketing channel IMO.

Answered 7 years ago

As a startup company, you know exactly just how important it is to have a good marketing strategy in place. Unfortunately, not everything is just about having to ideas for a go to the market effort but you must also consider execution.
I have been helping companies for the past 10 years or so. Through; my team and I have been creating and executing marketing campaigns for service-based businesses including those in IT, Data Entry, Software Devs, etc. With that said, when you have a service business you need to figure out how to position yourself through a key branding perspective that will catch your prospects attention based on their current or future needs. Through Inbound Marketing you would be able to showcase your expertise, get great SEO for your website(s), position yourself as an expert in a particular industry and start getting leads. The inbound methodology in itself is pretty straight forward but the execution is key, when possible I would obviously recommend hiring a professional to help you otherwise you will lose time and resources going after the wrong market, niche with the wrong interest and pitch. Let us know if you would like some help.

Answered 7 years ago

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