How can I create a sales plan and sales funnel to make revenue for my new business?

I plan to sell ergonomically shaped ice packs for the privates, and I don't know how to create a sales plan & sales funnel to make revenue. My plan is to sell the product on my website and work with medical supply and beauty distributors to get the product to drugstores (Walgreens), private medical practices (gyno offices), spas & beauty stores (Sephora). The first design is a female vulva pack and can be used after childbirth, post waxing & plastic surgery, saddle numbness, STI's and more. I don't think hospitals will be a good option because they would want it for such a low price that I won't make any money. COGS: $6.50 Estimated Retail: $29 Wholesale: ??


Focus on one group first, the easiest entry would be private gynecologists, because SPA's and beauty stores are too overcrowded with other products.

Do A/B testing with different suggested retail prices and see where you end up with in order to form a balanced price. Once that is done focus on retail, but you need feedback-data from the gyno's first.

My steps (just based on what you've written) would be:

1. Make contact with 6 gyno's, medium traffic
2. give each one of them 10 free samples and a suggested retail price (3/3 : A/B)
3. Listen to the feedback after they are being sold
4. Depending on the feedback, adjust the retail price and offer the gyno's a 120-200% margin.
5. Gain more market share in this niche by using the names of your existing clients as peer-pressure (your competitor is buying it, you should have it too etc.)
6. Own the niche before you move on (!)

If the product is selling and gaining popularity you can move on to retail since people will always buy what they already know, or has been recommended by their female friend. However, I would first extend it into different areas, cities and states first using only gyno's. Never underestimate the power of a 'doctor's recommendation'.


Answered 3 years ago

Hello! My name is Humberto Valle, I'm the founder of Unthink Digital Marketing ( I have been helping new businesses and startups for the better part of 10 years. I have sold 2 companies as well as failed a few others and currently ran my agency for 7 years.
To start I want to congratulate you for following a niche in a market that is poorly served. This will facilitate your go-to-market strategy. With that said, I do have to agree with the previous answer. You need to focus on only one channel, not necessarily a group but a distribution channel and method. For example, your lowest cost will always be direct to consumer through online sales. This means you need to have a website properly designed to funnel visitors, curious browsers and those with an actual search through the process of getting them exposed to the solution, interested in the product and brand, and wanting to try them.

By leveraging digital media you can then attain other channels as they approach you versus you diluting your efforts trying to get to them. What I suggest you do is have a really good website flow designed (a funnel from visitor to subscriber or purchase) so that you have good SEO, good Calls To Action, good images, good offers and good content demonstrating what your product solves. Get into Amazon. Position yourself in the right social media channels and with the right sort of updates and shares. Get on Linkedin and build relationships with the Presidents, CEOs, Managers, Franchisees, etc. in charge of making purchase orders. Use social media, including Linkedin to promote your value proposition (not the product or its price).

If you were to reach out to companies directly, is all about having a strategy.
Send a few samples to a few strategic clients ( headquarters of franchises or companies with subsidiaries and retailers) Don't waste your time trying to get in with small companies which can be just as hard as any other company.

If you would like some help creating a good marketing campaign and strategy for your product, please do consider us at - we have helped small businesses through the world, some universities and city level governments.

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I have make sales plan for FMCG for more than 20 years. I have a special methodology called OGSAM.

O - Organization - Structure available and nedded
G - Goal - Strategic Goal aligned with Business Plan
S- Strategies - How the Goals will achieved
A- Actions - Detailling Strategies into Actions
M- Matrix - All numbers involved included simulations of defferent scenarios.

Addtionally Consider> SWOT Analysis
Market Share, and Product Matrix

I am also specialist in Balanced Score Card.

More details it will be a pleasure to answer in a call.

Answered 3 years ago

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