What is the best way to market with a person-specific image?

I have a project where I retrieve a photo of a person (from social media), and then change the image (essentially: add my product) - then I want the person to see the image. If they love it, they can click on it and go to my website. What is the best (cheapest) way for me to do this? I imagine it will involve writing a bot - which is totally cool. I am happy to use any social-networking tool - but preferably not LinkedIn, as my target demographic is more 16-21 year olds.


The fastest and cheapest way for you to do this while you're "testing the waters" is to do it manually. As long as you know that the idea can be somewhat easily scaled by software in the future (it can), it's fine and encouraged to do initial tests of the product's viability with a manual implementation, in which you're doing the grunt work of finding photos yourself. Doing it that way will not only let you get started faster and be cheaper, it will also let you start developing a very fine grained feeling and understanding of why it works when it does (e.g. why person A decides to pay for their edited photo, but person B doesn't).

Once you've gotten evidence that people will pay for the service, and you have gained a better understanding of the subtleties behind how to best implement it (e.g. how to target more people like 'person A'), then you can go about spending more time / money on developing an automated bot to carry out the service at a more scalable level.

if you'd like more suggestions based on the specifics of your product idea, let me know,



Answered 7 years ago

Hello, from what you described it almost sounds like what you are looking for and or should be focusing on delivering is an app that plugs into social media to retrieve the image and alter it as you want. By changing or re-thinking your business model (if you have one) you may be able to offer your product this way through a 'free app' with either in-app purchase options or monetizing else wise such as through ads.

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Answered 7 years ago

Not sure exactly what you mean, but I could guess that if anything you would need to either have the user sign-up for your service or scrape the data from the social networks API. Once you capture the image, your system would need to notify the user. I have seen similar apps, mostly used as targeting to capture traffic from social networks. Would love to hear more!

Answered 7 years ago

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