Is there a program where I can post a startup idea within a specific category and automatically get connected with a related expert?

Sometimes if someone has an idea, it can become more valuable by having other experts adding their comments about it so that it gets to a final clear idea that can be a successful business. Why this is not done more automatically? The application will match the person with those experts who can accept to be part of finalizing such successful ideas and can also help in matching them with investors.


That sort of idea was most successfully implemented by a company called ( Quirky got a ton of investment and grew very quickly. I had meetings at their office several times, and it was a really fun environment, with prototypes everywhere. They even had a partnership with GE, to help bring some of their IP into reality. However, they ended up making some bad decisions and they went bankrupt in 2015.

Other companies have tried the same thing and also failed:

However, has just re-started without much fanfare a couple months ago (see:, so you can check it out and start using the platform again if you like.

Answered 7 years ago

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