Your big problem is lack of time and headspace.

Consequently, you can't afford to prosecute multiple campaigns simultaneously. You need a SINGLE, simple, approach to client-acquisition that will top-up your client register whenever you find yourself under-utilized.

And this approach MUST consume less time than the billable time that it generates.

Initially, you should run a series of tests to arrive at this SINGULAR approach.

Avoid any advice that results in a list of activities that you must perform in the hopes on future, indirect, benefit.

If it were me, I would NEVER discount. However, I would give away initial visits. But only if these visits have a specific purpose.

For example, you might give away a 45 minute back-mobility session to get potential clients through your practice.

The other thing I'd test is running in-house workshops for small groups of participants.

For example, a 45 minute workshop where you teach a small group of participants the 10 exercises they need to banish back pain (or tennis elbow, or whatever) forever.

But, remember the goal. You need a SINGLE, simple, repeatable client-acquisition process.

Without this, your practice is not commercially viable. You'll never be a $10m business with a marketing department, unless you open a ton or practices. So, until you do, start with the search for this one simple formula.

Answered 5 years ago

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