I'm starting a small one man B2B lead generation service and gave a very basic name for my agency. The name is generic. I'm not crazy about it. Like General Electric or similar. But I can't think up a better name and I can't afford to hire someone to help me. Should I wait until I can think up a better name or just go with it, and I can change it later if I think up something better? I get hung up on names, but I don't know if customers will even care. How important is the name you give your agency? I don't want to use my own name because if I want to sell it later that makes it difficult.

A bad name will cost you money. How? Missed opportunities. I could list a dozen ways.

Changing a name will also cost you money. How? Time. Energy. Redesigning marketing materials. Etc.

I don't know whether your brand name / domain name is good or bad. But it sounds like you're dissatisfied with it.

Think of your brand name like a coworker. Either you "hire" a name that goes out of its way to build your brand and business. Or you "hire" a name that's lazy, doesn't show up, misplaces things, rubs customers the wrong way.

Interview your name before hiring it.

Answered 3 years ago

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