What are the components of a risk assessment for a social media campaign that I should be able to define?

I need to be as thorough as possible — a brand is trying to protect themselves from any blowback or trolling on social media. This campaign relies on a #hashtag and personalized videos to be successful. How can I temper any concerns about this campaign and provide details on properly defining the risk of this social media campaign?


Find people who are polar opposites of you politically, humorously, and appropriateness. Run the campaign and hashtag by them and listen to the comments.

It is impossible to completely insulate yourself from blowback or trolls; that is why they can exist. But you can take precautions, as it appears you're doing, to minimize the risks.

Answered 7 years ago

For starters, haters will always be haters. That being said, if you have any information on past costumer complains, I would recommend you develop an FAQ or response protocol for any issues that clients constantly complain about. Most trolls and un happy users have past experiences with the company, or the have heard from other clients that your service and offer. You should have a clear scope of this.

On the other hand, you should asses your campaign and try to asume probable blowback themes. Prepare to responde, or not, most themes are recurring. Users can link your campaign to other conversations, user your hashtag to poke fun at other brands or brand names, and turn your campaign into a meme. If anything, theses are always potential spin-offs you can capitalize with your creative team.

My general recommendation would be to align other areas of the company your are working with, with this, monitor all conversations and if something comes up, you will be the first to know and act on. The worst thing would be to have troll hitting you and now knowing about it... and finding out from your client first.

Answered 7 years ago

Since Instagram launched the archive feature- any trolling as it relates to this platform can be easily moderated. Simply (temporarily) archive the piece of content and moderate comments (block users) and un-archive the content. As far as people trolling the # in which your promoting your campaign-unless the content violates community guidelines there isn't much you can do- I would say from experience- this doesn't as often as you'd think.

If I had more specifics about the campaign I could suggest more-- good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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