How can we generate good B2B sales leads?

We are launching our crowd sourced application testing service in the US. We are targeting SME companies with 3 or more developers, which have a regular testing need. After a pilot phase they should be willing to outsource part or all of their testing needs to us. We can test websites, mobile apps, hardware, ...


As your targets are SME companies with 3 or more developers you can use LinkedIn premium search for finding the list of top executives of the companies and send them in-mails for partnership!
Another great source for you could be outsourcing websites where US development companies are represented and do testing for their clients periodically for various projects!

Please call for more detailed information of the best B2B sources for you! I have got also some availability to the actual lead generation job for you with a reasonable hourly rate. I have been working as a sales manager in this industry for over 4 years and have got large databases of B2B clients that you will be interested in!

Answered 10 years ago

According to my experience in selling services to small software engineering firms: they rarely buy anything. The majority of small engineering teams are often in a survival mode and typically encounter lack of funding. So their main focus of attention is own sale, new projects and their salaries.

My advice would be:

1) Change the targeting from small to medium/large scale companies (starting from 200 software engineers). For such companies your service will compete with hiring of internal manual software testers, so if you charge less than salary of such QA tester – they might prefer your service;

2) Try to grow the value of your service and add more on top of your offer. Example: manual crowd testing + automated testing scripts + crowd testing on specific devices.

3) Your first goal is getting trials – when they try your service first they might find it valuable. To get the trials talk with CTOs via LinkedIn, Xing or Shapr

4) Get further traction by collecting case studies and posting content (articles) about how you support companies with your service.

We can always help to push your ideas on a market:

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Hey there!

Before you get started with generating leads you should take a look at what kind of cost per sale your model can support. After assessing your ideal cost per sale you can look at some realistic ways to generate leads. Make that list, then look at what you're best set up to convert when you play to your company strengths.

Quick example for you:
Lead source X has a cost of $50, convert 10% of a qualified lead to a sale has a marketing cost per sale of $500. If your average product sale can support that, that prospecting source should go in your list.

Take that list, sort it to playing in the order of your organizational strengths and test them in accordance with your budget and timeline goals.

Obviously a broad a deep topic. If you want to set up a call let me know.

Answered 10 years ago

Create some white paper, real interesting case studies and attend startup meetups and conferences.

Answered 10 years ago

B2B Sales Leads are qualified leads that salespeople can reach out and sell to. But, if done correctly, it will help your business beat the competition and grow significantly. However, if you can increase your volume of leads by 20% without decreasing your quality then your business makes 20% more income. Relying solely on your website, blog posts, or videos for leads to find out about your business is dangerous. Generating a targeted list of B2B leads is an essential aspect of generating new B2B sales leads.
You can read more here:
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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