Would offering discounts or free service incentives be enough to get potential customers to switch from my competitors and try my services instead?

I offer competitive pricing, but I try to differentiate myself from my competitors on other factors, so my services aren’t just treated like a “commodity." I know new customers would be happy and prefer the service I offer but I need to get them to actually try my service first.


Discounts or free service incentives are just part of the equation. You first need to capture your prospects attention with a value driven initiative. Ideally you want to build a level of trust and authority with that prospect through multiple touch points. By focusing on adding value first, you increase the likelihood that your prospect will care at all about your free discount or free service incentive.

I'm not sure what type of business you are in (B2B, B2C, Online, Offline etc.) but this determines the types of mediums that would fair best in delivering that value.

If you want to dig into the details and share some more insight about your business feel free to schedule a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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