What is the best strategy around creating and selling adventure travel packages to entrepreneurs?

I'm close friends with several speaker and published authors. We've been mulling the idea of creating a getaway adventure for entrepreneurs. It would include zip lines, horseback riding, hiking, seafood cuisine, microbreweries and wineries while also incorporating several hours of learning and working on their businesses. The idea is for a small group ie 10-12 business owners. What is the best way to sell this kind of package? What kind of price point should we consider?


Keep me posted. I'm interested.

Answered 7 years ago

Hello, Whether you are selling adventures for entrepreneurs or widgets the building blocks to successful campaigns are the same. A good lead generation program is an art form, not a science. First, you need to determine what the market looks like. How big is it, where are my targets spending their time online and how do I engage them? The price point would be predicated on location, duration, activities provided, gross margin targets and group size. We ran high-end golf vacation packages all over the world and know a great deal about the travel space and narrow verticles. Happy to chat as needed.

Answered 7 years ago

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