How do I include existing LinkedIn recommendations on my clarity profile?

I've seen a few people have more reviews than calls in the case that reviews have the linked in logo next to them. How do I include select reviews from my existing linked in page to help build my clarity reputation?


Go to 'verifications' in your profile settings and click 'connect' to connect your LinkedIn profile. The site should automatically include your LinkedIn reviews (although I'm not sure of what it's import limit is). Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

Currently (8/2019) you cannot. The LinkedIn connection is no longer working with Clarity.

August 27 2019: I reached out to the Clarity Support Team because this impacts all Clarity Experts.

Here is their response:

"Apologies for the trouble on this one. Unfortunately due to a recent change in LinkedIn's policies, we won't be able to connect LinkedIn accounts for them as of now. We will notify in the near future for possible changes on this status but for now we do thank you for your patience on the matter. For now, one workaround would be to add a link of your LinkedIn account to your profile."

Answered 5 years ago

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