How would you name a technology and innovation conference?

I'm soon starting a technology and innovation conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania ( Since I believe very much in the development potential of the city within the CEE area, it's only fair that it has a specialized top event that would showcase the best projects and leaders from the region. The key words are: 'Innovation', 'Technology', 'Cluj-Napoca', 'Transylvania', and I'm looking for some good suggestions for the conference name. I am considering a mix of words (e.g. 'Techsylvania'), but open to other suggestions as well. If you help me, I'll send you a t-shirt (once we have a logo as well)! And whoever facilitates the final breakthrough: I'll credit you by name and Twitter handle in the first blogpost as one of the heroes who made it all possible. Thank you!


I've spent lots of time in Romania, though Cluj is one of the few cities I have not yet been to. I am not sure if the intended conference audience is international or meant to be residents of Cluj (though for my answer I'm assuming the former).

I do not have a specific name for you, but I would suggest to not limit name choices to necessarily require Cluj-Napoca or Transylvania. The conference itself and its location can help establish and showcase innovation in Cluj. Think of 10 popular tech conferences. Do any of them have the city name as part of the conference name? The city would always be listed right near the title, so anyone who hears about the conference will know where it is. It's fine to include the city, but if you keep your options open it may be easier to come up with a name. Hope this helps.

Answered 11 years ago

Rules of Thumb For Naming Anything:

1. Easy To Say
2. Easy To Remember
3. Do something outside the obvious

No one will care about another 'Innovation and Technology' conference unless you do something to make it different from the rest of them. Maybe take advantage of the setting and rent out a creepy castle.

Answered 11 years ago

Having learned the hard way, avoid names that tie you to products. Two reasons; 1. the product owner may enforce a copyright if they have it. 2. that product could die, change, etc and you're event is now associated with something you may not want it to be.

My rule of thumb now when naming my events, words/terms that leave it completely open to whatever you need it to be.

our naming convention is 360|Blah. one word. Ideally a word that applies to the theme, but isn't part of it, if that makes sense.

Answered 11 years ago

You are getting lots of advise and no name suggestions... :)
I will add to that. The thing to consider is who is going to be your intended audience? Are you planning to invite professionals to discuss issues and actionable topics - then do not worry about sexy name, but make sure you get the reputable people in the organizing committee and keynotes (I will be glad to discuss).
If you plan to make a 'political'/social event for the locals to get excited by the opportunities - then you do need a catchy name and a logo to draw attention. But still - the quality of the program and not the name will attract people. I am getting slots of invitations and info about meetings and innovation is a buzz word these days. So the first thing I look for is the topics, profile of the expected audience/attendees and who is scheduled to present.

The Transilvania name of course brings up something about "innovation in our blood" :)

Answered 11 years ago

A few domains from my portfolio would be a good fit for your conference. Let's set up a call to discuss; and, if you like one of them, I'll give it to you.

Answered 11 years ago

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