What are important terms for working with a startup for an experienced global professional?

I am an experienced multi-identical professional and a startup mentor. I am going to work with one of technology startups on global business development and partnerships. Not sure on which terms I should build my potential collaboration: advisor, consultant or something else. My goal is to be visible with this company and get paid. would be grateful to hear your piece of advice.


Wow, I'm not really surprised no one has responded to this question. I mean no offense, but your question is full or jargon and is hard to follow the real problem statement.
My first confusion comes your multi-identical professional? I have worked with many startups, some well funded, I have raised myself a few million dollar companies (not startups) and in all that time of dealing with many professionals in many industries I have never heard that term. But assuming it was just how it happened, if you are an experienced startup mentor wouldn't you know the answer to this question?

In any case, the answer to your question would be dependent on the focus of the startup what is the clear value proposition and the product offered? What is their growth path? business plan for revenue and even their marketing plan?
What are their current weaknesses - such as why would they need a mentor (specially maybe a paid one?)
...And then what are you core capabilities? or proven work and how can that be coupled with the gaps the startup has to achieve growth?
If you had good experience with startups, you would know that most good established startups with the right legalities typically give their board members and mentors anywhere from .05% to 5% stock for their services)

My name is Humberto Valle, I have worked with many startups from Arizona, to New York and SF as well as some in Portugal and Argentina. I currently run a global marketing agency that helps small businesses and startups with lead generation, growth, and custom software development. I have been mentoring for free for the past 10 years.

Answered 3 years ago

I have related relevant experience in this area as I am the first American to be invited to have an Entrepreneur's Visa in Canada, I am also an Attorney from Boston, MA and have served as a Catalyst and Board Advisor to startups and the global programs at MIT Portugal BGI.

The terms and conditions of the contractual negotiations can only be had after you have shown substantial value, so your relevant knowledge must be put forth to earn equity, or some type of strategic alliance, which may have a pay or pay for performance component- this does depend on the product or service of the startup, its margins, the anticipated percentages of net and gross margins- there is no template, as the terms and conditions are as varied as the situations and the people, of course. It is more of an art than a science, in this space, you are painting on a brand new canvas - begin with fundamental contractual terms and conditions .

This was merely a quick outline, as I see it, regarding your question. Should you desire a more in depth explanation, please reach out to me on my mobile at 617-283-6995, I am based in Boston, MA and do travel. You may text first to establish a suitable time for us both to chat, should you so desire. Thank you for posting your question, and allowing me to answer. My Best, Joseph J. Shamon, Jr. - 617-283-6995,

Answered 3 years ago

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