Is there a tool that ties to Jira and lets us track, prioritize, and schedule tasks?

We currently use Jira for task management (internally) and Basecamp for project management (client facing). I am trying to find a tool that would allow us to do the following: 1) Plan out each project, based on estimates, and see where we're at with it. The keyword is "see". We can add all the tasks for each project in Jira, together with estimates, but I would like to find a way to "visually"/see how much work there is for each project -- how much work does it involve, how much work has been done, and how much (and what type of) work is left to be done for it. Jira shows blocks of the same size for everything and you'd need to click through to see the estimate within each block. I would like a task that is 8hrs to look bigger than a task that is 30mins -- a task that is for design to look different than a task for development. 2) "See" the latest status of a project. When did we last touch base with them? Any milestones? Did we follow up less than 2 days ago? We like to at least touch base every 2 days so it would be good to keep track of last contact. 3) "See" and prioritize (visually) a promised deadline. Moreover - a tool that would show us when something is become more urgent (due to a deadline approaching). For example, an 8hr task (ie. a day's worth of work) that was promised tomorrow is top priority because if we don't start now then we'd be late. Something that would take ALL the data we can give it, all the data/tasks from Jira, and any additional info we update real time, and that would dynamically update a birdseye view of everything... with a capability to drill down a bit further if we wanted. Something like that. A few of those things would be addressed through planning out Sprints, potentially just through a plugin on Jira, but that would only solve part of the issue. We have new tasks that come up at any given point -- or plans that change -- so it has to be something that would allow us to see that and adjust accordingly. We currently do some of that in a Google Spreadsheet but we need to step it up. Am I dreaming or is there a solution?! We may just have to build it!

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