Need CRO expert who has experience with travel websites focused on 3-8 day tours.

We would like to talk to an expert who has experience in the Tour agency website field to help us think and strategize about LPO (on our tour pages) and also the overall sales funnel in general (CRO). We feel we are losing a lot of clients and customers who bounce for whatever reason. Of course, our goal is to get clients to BOOK TOURS, and SEND IN DEPOSITS. We need someone who can look at our site, make suggestions, and offer ideas about tools we should be using for analytics, booking, and other issues. And of course, any thoughts about the main points of CRO for tour agency websites is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much


I'd be happy to give you some initial pointers for free. Send me a URL of your site and I'll check it out. If there are a significant number of fixes that need to be done we could also set up a call to go over everything more thoroughly,



Answered 7 years ago


My main field of expertise is CRO and funnel optimisation.

Will be happy to consult you on a strategy for CRO in such cases as I actually am working with a similar client, so apart from best practices I know some insights specific to your area.

You can schedule a call with me from my profile page.


Answered 7 years ago

I used to manage all the Paid Advertising and Affiliate program for Choice Hotels. CRO and LPO are special areas of interest and expertise for me. I would love to set up a call or two and walk through your site and provide specific recommendations. One quick tip I would start with is using a tool like Hotjar. I require everyone I consult with on CRO to implement a tool like this which can give us insights as to what users are doing.

Answered 7 years ago

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