How can I target small business owners and managers looking for mobile or internet plans?

Timing is key as they need to be almost out of contract


Lead with the timing question in your marketing. IE. Sort your prospects by whether they're almost out of their existing plan or not.

A quiz might be great if you can capture the lead with that information ("We have important info for you depending on when your existing plan expires") could sort the leads by expiry time.

You're not "in" the market--like a car dealer is, when they know who bought a car four years ago and is about to get 'the itch'. So you have to go wide and sort. But you can do it intelligently as I suggested.

Answered 7 years ago

We are having great success targeting SMB's on Facebook using advanced Facebook Targeting, creating Custom Audiences, having high converting Facebook Ad Funnels, Facebook conversion pixel and event tracking, along with ad retargeting. Dollar for dollar, this is the highest ROI you can get right now.
Do you have your Facebook Pixel set up to track all of these events on your site?

Answered 7 years ago

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