Where can you I go to buy inexpensive mobile apps?

I'm looking to spend less than $5,000


If you're just working on an MVP you can use a freelancer sight like Upwork, but you have to be careful in your hiring.
1) Post a job stating everyone that applies should give you their github / bitbucket username and Trello username.
2) For the top 5 most promising people to apply, give them a simple task which should take about 30 - 60 min for a decent developer to do (e.g. implement this screen with these one or two actions).
3) Pick the developer that actually delivers exactly what you asked for the fastest, and in the most professional manner (not asking a million questions, etc.).

To assign and track this and subsequent tasks use a Trello board with three columns:
To Do

Ask the developer(s) to update the Trello cards in real time so you can keep track of what they're working on and for how long.

If you'd like any more specific advice in relation to your specific app idea let me know,



Answered 7 years ago

I acquired my first monetized app from the original developer in October last year.

There are a ton of app and website brokerages out there, with a wide range of quality available - be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming!

I originally purchased my app business through Empire Flippers (, and couldn't have been happier with their process and quality, but they've been gradually upping their minimum asking price for listings - I think they currently stand at ~$25k right now. is probably the biggest and best-known brokerage out there - I've used them several times from the sellers' side. They have tons of apps for sale at ~$5k (and lower), but tread carefully and do your due diligence: there are tons of scam and copycat apps out there by sellers who intend to take your money and leave you with a lemon. QuietLight and FE International are also fairly well-known website/app brokerages, although I can't comment as to the quality of their listings, not having personal experience with them.

You can also approach it the other way, by searching for the kind of apps you want to acquire, and contacting the developers directly to ask them whether they'd consider selling.

Hope that helps, and congrats in advance, the journey you're about to embark on is a really exciting, educational (and humbling) experience! =) I love talking about this stuff, and am happy to answer more questions, so feel free to set up a call, if you're interested. ~Jason

Answered 7 years ago

I believe that you must be ready to spend more than $5000. The rapidly changing business environment and technological innovation changed the way we were doing business. You will not find any business that is not looking for a mobile application to reach out to their customers. We all clearly understand and accept the fact that the use of smart mobile phones and the Internet has flourished in the past 6 to 10 years, and in the phase of continued growth. Regardless of the size of any company, you need to have a mobile application. Business leaders always try a plethora of ways to reduce the cost of developing a mobile application, without compromising the overall quality of the application. The cost of developing a mobile application majorly depends on several factors, such as features, platform, and specific users.
Clutch is one of the top platforms and most frequently mentioned in search engine result pages for software and mobile app development. This platform provides you with a piece of detailed information about minimal project sizes, hourly rates, and the profiles and portfolios of top IT companies, as well as providing its own company ranking system.
The matrix data of leaders:
a. The Mode for the developerā€™s cost per hour: $150-$199.
b. The median for the fees of the top 10 developers: $120-$150.
c. The average project estimation starts from $25K.
d. The companies with higher prices generally have higher minimal project volume.
e. Top mobile app developers are concentrated in India, NY, LA, and London.

The average cost of developing an app is around $ 171,450 (an average of $ 150 an hour), which represents around 1,143 development hours. Also, the total price of the application can go up to $ 727,500 if any complex functions are implemented in the mobile app.
The average minimum mobile app development project is between $ 5,000 to $ 10,000. Also, the typical cost of building a mobile app is likely to be much higher.
The average cost of creating a mobile app for the enterprises is around $ 140,000 (VDC Research)
Available app cost calculators indicate a price range of around $ 267,000 to $ 360,000 for complex and multi-feature mobile apps.
Regarding the mobile application development timeline: it generally takes above 80% of application development for 3+ months; 40% of mobile applications created in 6+ months.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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