How I can attract traffic to my site using custom blog posts?

I want to know how I can attract traffic to my site using custom blog posts. Please enlighten me some great tips. Your input is deeply appreciated. Thanks


You do not mention whether your site is B2B or B2C, but "corpwriting" suggests the former. In that case, you may wish to write a post on a LinkedIn profile where you are offering an image, a powerful headline, one or two paragraphs, and then a link to your site that the reader can follow to complete the post. You can join relevant groups on LinkedIn (and Facebook as well) and then share your post intro with these groups to reach even more readers.

This is one of many strategies that would drive more traffic to your blog, and I can suggest more if you would like to speak with me on a first call.

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I have owned several blogs that I drew traffic to. Here are some of the methods I used.

Something that immediate comes to mind is sharing on social media. Tell your friends and family. You can also write articles for other relevant blogs (guest posting) and link yours. This takes a bit of effort to email other blog owners to see if they'll let you post. However, if their audience is substantial, it can bring you traffic.

Some SEO also goes a long way though it takes time. The best SEO tip I can give you is to write for humans and not search engines. More and more nowadays, search engines like Google want to promote websites that are truly useful to their users. One of the tips I can offer is to make sure your HTML markup is semantic. This helps search engines identify what kind of document it is. Make sure your images have alt attributes included as this also helps search engines identify what the image is about.

Having your site being mobile friendly (usually done through responsive design) is a big player as well. The internet gets accessed by mobile more than ever and the numbers are only growing. Make your user experience friendly for your users.

Lastly, find forums or discussion boards where your blog post would be relevant. Answer questions there and casually build trust in that network. Occasionally you can post a link there if allowed but having a community that trusts what you say will take you a lot further.

If you need help with any of the above, I'd be happy to have a call with you to help you work it out.

Answered 7 years ago

Hello!! I noticed the other two responses, but I feel you deserve a little of a better response to bring you clarity to your situation.
My name is Humberto Valle, I'm the co-founder of Unthink Digital Marketing (a Hubspot Partner Agency) - we are expert inbound content marketing strategist which means we do anything from Google certified websites to expert SEO and content creation for exactly what you are asking.

I'm not sure if you shared a link to your website or a related link blog post. Assuming this blog post isn't spam I will respond.
How to attract traffic:
1. Obviously paid traffic, but SEO is your only sustainable way to generate traffic over the long run. SEO is not an option is a must if you have a website. You need to pick your ideal target market (audience) generating this will dictated what words you use and what you offer but for SEO purposes, knowing who your target customer is will help you understand what keywords to use in your titles, in your links, in your images, in your offerings, as well as know what other websites to link to and from the website ---> this helps the website be found on search by targeted keywords your ideal customers are typing and matching with the content in your website.
2. Blog Posts:
Generating content is not about stuffing keywords into a blank piece of paper so that 'Google can find it' --> Google's algorithms are smarter than that and constantly change. No, the purpose of generating content is to built credibility with your targeted audience by showing your expertise to them, your content can be blog posts, videos, infographics, how-tos, etc.
Each type of content has its own way to optimize it for SEO so that is matched and found more thus increasing your website visits.
3. Social Media
We use Hubspot which is an amazing content management tool for content marketing purposes, but even with powerful content management tools we still have to share the content once is created and for that you need to have a similar effort on your social media to get others engaged with your brand and profile so that when you share your newly published content they will notice it and engage with it, using the right keywords when you share also increases your engagement.
4. Landing pages and Calls to Action --> having related articles on the articles you are sharing will obviously drive traffic to a previously published article as well. So being careful what posts you inter-link can be very beneficial for your lead generation purposes.

I hope this helps, I have this article through our website that could yield additional clarity -->
My name is Humberto Valle, co-founder of Unthink Digital Marketing, most clients hire us because of how time consuming content and inbound marketing is and the learning curve for you to just find out if what you are doing will work or if you are doing it wrong. Sometimes is best to just hire an expert team that knows it will work. If you're curious, Unthink is dedicated to helping small businesses and we offer an all inclusive digital marketing approach meaning we fix or build websites, internal and external SEO, landing pages, social media management, content creation and more. email me directly if you want a free consultation at
-Humberto Valle

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There are several ways to do it. A good approach for this is to find out who is guest blogging on other blogs in your niche and invite them to contribute to yours too. Finding out what’s hot right now and writing about it is a great way to get more traffic. Repurposing your content is a great way to gain access to another audience. It is also worth considering infographics and SlideShare presentations too.
You can read more here:
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

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