How can I find target audience for my website?

I have a website but I am not sure which audience to target. Example, If I want to run A/B testing for specific set of target audience (Social Audience, Adwords, Blogs Traffic). How can I find which target audience suits for my website?



I work for a FinTech saas company and we A/B all over our website. Not sure if you have done this already, but do you have a clearly defined ideal customer (buyer persona)? I mean a vivid picture of what your ideal client is like? where they are located (if that's relevant), their buying pattern, what are the most come pain points/issues they need assistance with (i.e. how your product/service helps them), age group, social demographics...

This alone will give you a lot of information on who to target, and how they would find your services in the first place.

You can then start to create content around these audiences (compeling headlines, relevant lead magnet, ...) and serve these content to different segment of your visitors based on traffic source, or key demographics as explained above.

Hope this helps
- Loic

Answered 7 years ago

First of all, you need to have a starting point: what is the issue your offer is trying to solve? Then, which kind of people or companies consider that issue a burning one and therefore will be ready to pay?
Once you have a clear definition of 3 or 4 targets, you will be able to double click on where they hang out, how they acquire info in order to solve the issue, how they phrase that issue...
Only then you can test with google or facebook ads and see if they click (that's a first win) and if they buy the product/service. If you don't have a product or service ready yet, you can ask them to leave their email for more info. that would be sufficient as a start.
I'm happy to jump in a call to help you define/finetune the issue you are trying to solve and 3 or 4 possible target audience. Serena

Answered 7 years ago

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