What are the best practices for submitting an application at one of the large global branding firms?

I would like to apply for a position at a large branding firm. Problem is, I have always worked for myself as a consultant and owner of my own agency for many years. I do have a large portfolio of across all verbal practices: naming, voice, messaging and content strategy, and content creation
. I have also done most of my own design, created countless presentations, and developed my own branding methodology, which results in a brand driver report. I speak Korean, and have two masters degrees, one in art history, one in Asian religions, all of which help energize my work. However, I do need help framing my portfolio, simply because I've never worked in an agency as an employee. If you feel confident that you could help me strategize about this job search, please let me know, and I will schedule a call. Thank you much.


Realize you're trying to make a sale here.

Meaning that your first job is to Stand Out.

If you don't stand out, you don't sell.

Every competitor of yours has a portfolio.

It sure helps if you have several prospects, but even if you only have one that's OK. I once had a company create a custom production management role for target, one customer, and a four-day turnaround. Suddenly I had 150 people and six supervisors reporting to me.

They weren't "hiring", by the way.

So go at this from your customer's perspective: what is it that would make THEM want to hire YOU? How can you Stand Out to them?

I've had employers create custom roles for me four times, with zero competition. Throwing your application package in with the blizzard chasing Want Ads is a bad way to go about this. Targeting specific firms you'd like to work for, and knowing why, is much better.

If I was in your shoes, I'd talk with Michael to get your strategy together. Tighten up on your message: who you want to work with, and why. How you can Stand Out. Then, if you want some unorthodox expertise on getting in front of the right people who have the power to hire you, talk to me.

Answered 7 years ago

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