How are roles distributed in your marketing team (e.g. SEO, content, etc.)?

I'm looking for insights from marketers. It's for a case study I'm writing about marketing teams. I’d also like to know how many team people are on your marketing team. Thanks!


I own a digital marketing firm. We have 8 strategists each focusing on a specific vertical. This allows us to bring in multiple areas of expertise to a single project with varying ideas and strategies. I don't believe in jack of all trades. I prefer to have people who can learn everything they need about a specific area in order to master it.

Answered 7 years ago


I run the Marketing team at a SaaS company specialized in financial services solutions. We have a lean team of 6 people, including myself:

- VP Growth
- Marketing Manager
- Channel Partner Manager
- Content & Social Coordinator
- Paid Search Specialist
- Graphic Designer

Everyone is focused on 1 metric: MQL

Hope this helps
- Loic

Answered 7 years ago

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