How can I attract readers to my blog that specializes in tall menswear?

If anyone of us actually knew the answer to this we would be millionaires!

Here's what has helped be traffic to my own personal site:

1. Write daily
The more you write the better you get, the great value and trust you develop with your readership.

2. Distribute your contact. Once you post your blog get it out everywhere. Copy and Paster your content to FB, LInkedIn, Medium, Forums, etc.

3. Write about stuff that excites you and be as natural. Don't get caught up in perfecting grammar. I want to read your blogs as if we were chatting face-to-face. Authenticity is important here. Be yourself. Teach us something we didn't know about tall menswear.

Hope that helps.

Lets chat sometime to talk ideas on how you can"monetize your passion".

Mario Ashley

Answered 4 years ago

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