Which kind of 'splinter' offer would you use as a lead magnet or tripwire from the core offer of property broking?

My client is a property broker in Paris for Anglophones who can't speak French. She is basically an advocate for the buyer and has access to most real estate agencies listings in Paris. Following popular digital marketing funnel strategy Im trying to pull apart the core brokerage offer to create lead magnets and tripwires but i just can't see how to offer anything other than a free consultation (which everyone does) as tripwire. I thought of creating some property searcher software like an evernote specifically for property searchers but that is a big project. Thanks for any help!


Show them how to solve ONE common problem in this field. Package it in a pdf report or video. Put a call to action at the end for the full product.

You don't want a free consultation as that ties up your client's time, and often with people who will never become buyers. You want this automated.

Your client has a defined target market, which you can use in the signup copy for the free report. That's a good start!

The tripwire's purpose is to pre-qualify the prospect and warm them up to become a buyer through this one-way conversation. It's a differentiation piece. The prospect starts to get familiar with the seller, and can decide whether they like your client as a source of information.

I have been very clear in the past in my belief that "Foot In The Door" sales attempts are a waste of time. They position the seller badly and don't lead to larger future orders. However, tripwire products are still a good idea for positioning and pre-qualifying, as I discuss further in this video:

Answered 7 years ago

Here's a case study of the tripwire ebook. Our client is - a brokerage selling apartments.
We set up their website to do two things
1 - split the buyers and sellers into separate pathways (funnels) through the website.
2 - persuade them to self-identify by offering an ebook to download.

The detailed case study is here for you to read.

I suggest you also visit their site and sign up to read the content we wrote - a lot will be transferable to Paris real estate.

Answered 7 years ago

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