What's the best SaaS system for mass marketing including the Ask Method?

I'm planning on doing mass email marketing using something like and What's the best way to integrate mass email marketing like that with the Ask Method so that I can hone my messaging to my leads as I get to know them? More background: I sell high-end corporate training programs. I'm going to front-end my sales funnel with online webinars and possibly short in-person seminars. It's easy to get lots of leads within a company, but the specific products they'd be interested in and what their buying authority is will very from contact to contact. I want to be able to start with generic emails and quickly learn about each lead through my email sequence so that I can specialize my messages. Recommendations for a set of software to use, or a single system that will cover everything?


Think of yourself as a content marketer first, which is effectively what you're doing, then check out convertKit, which is specifically for bloggers but works great for your situation too.

Answered 7 years ago

If I understand your question correctly, you need a marketing automation platform that lets you send mass emails, nurture contacts and engage in progressive profiling so you can get to know them better and tailor communications towards their interests or behaviors.

If I got that right, I recommend Hubspot or Pardot. I used to be a Pardot reseller and now I am a Hubspot partner (full disclosure) but both platforms have a ton of advantages that ease the marketing process. Hubspot also has it's own lean CRM but both platforms can sync with traditional CRMs as well. There are other platforms, but most of the others are complex systems that I don't believe are well suited for smaller organizations.

If I understood your question, I'm happy to talk more about how these platforms could benefit you.

Answered 7 years ago

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