Which payment processing systems or credit cards let you see what actual items were bought with a credit/debit card?

We have customers complain they bought things they didn't buy and when we show them our records they say that they are falsified when of course they are not. The recites say each item in specific but their card company only records what the total cost was. (I.e they bought item x for a dollars, y for b dollars and z for c dollars it only shows them (a+b+c) dollars not the items they bough


Hi, I used to work in the corporate payments industry.

What you're looking for is a 'Purchasing Card' with higher order data transmission (sometimes referred to as 'level 3.') Card issuers with this kind of technology usually offer it to large organizations and the 'what was purchased' data only appears if the merchant has integrated their checkout data. There are very few of these merchants.

Answered 7 years ago

Stripe for online, Square for physical swipe.

Answered 7 years ago

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