What are the best practices in getting out of debt?

Imagine you're $12k in debt, and want to solve this problem without getting a job in the fastest possible manner, how would you do it? You have $10k in credit card debt, $2k in car loan debt. You own a car, and have $500 cash in the bank. How would you get out of debt?


Lower your expenditures:

1) Move back in with your parents. If that's not an option move into a small place with a bunch of roommates. If that still isn't affordable, move into a tent in the woods, or to a 'cheap' foreign country (Thailand is popular, but there are many other places that could work).

2) If you're staying in the US, look into ways to spend less money on food. Eating only Ramen isn't a great solution because it won't be healthy for long durations. Sprouts (easily grow them yourself in a jar), Quinoa, and other 'super foods' are out there that are cheap but also provide all the nutrition needed to sustain your body. Depending on where you live, you could also potentially trap your own food. You often need a license to use traps, but if you do it, 'snare traps' are the cheapest and easiest to make. It would take time to learn to make them effective though.

Get money without a job:

1) Sell your car and buy a bike or skateboard if you need faster-than-walking transportation. Use the money to pay off your car loan debt and a bit of the credit card debt. If you're completely unwilling to sell your car, then you could live in it. Walmart has an official policy to let "camper" vehicles live in their parking lots. Each is allowed to use their own discretion though, so make sure they don't get pissed at you for having a dirty living area, and move your parking spot around the lot occasionally.

2) Sell all your clothes, furniture, and possessions. Keep at least one change of clothes though, especially undies.

3) You could ask for loans from family and friends, but that's just passing on the debt in a way that's less accountable, so you'd better be extremely sure of yourself: That you have the motivation and drive to pay them entirely back in a reasonable amount of time.

Ge money with a job:

All that's likely not going to be enough money to pay off your debt, so you'll need a "job" of some sort. I don't know why you don't want a job, but if it's because you don't want to have a boss, then start being your own boss. Do whatever you can: Mow people's lawns, repair things, etc.

Final option:

If you really can't get a job for whatever reason, look into declaring bankruptcy.

Answered 8 years ago

Limiting your expenses is always the quickest way to save money. Budget every penny and stick to it. If you are currently working, then try obtaining an additional stream of income like driving for Uber with your aforementioned car.

Answered 8 years ago

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Check your state's federal court website for exclusions (stuff you can keep).

Answered 8 years ago

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