What is the best email marketing software for transactional and auto-responders for the cheapest price?

I am the Co-founder of We are beginning to scale up our email marketing strategy and are getting ~1,000 emails/day. I think it will be closer to 10K leads/day at scale. We send each lead an autoresponder of ~20 emails/month. So we'll likely be sending millions of emails a month by Q2. What is the best and safest software to manage our email campaigns? Mailchimp and SendGrid both seem too expensive.


I will recommend you to use EasySendy, Vero or AutoPilot. You should know anyway than sending emails is expensive and that should be considerate in your costs.

Answered 8 years ago

did you try your hands on mailget, aweber, moosend, campaign monitor. I think sharpspring mail+ or mailerlite would help you since you want to send such a large bulk of emails.

Make sure your spf and dkim is setup - in short sender policy framework which is being managed by sender score an IP reputation tool - would help to avoid getting your emails in spam

Answered 7 years ago

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