How to request a demo of an enterprise product if applying to the company?

I'd like to apply to a product position at an enterprise product company but naturally can't download the app myself to see what it's about and understand it in more detail. Should I request a demo from their sales team on their website? Or go through the recruiter? I've read their case studies and blog posts already. Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!


I don't think anyone would fault you for asking for more info that could help make you a better candidate. The sales team will definitely get you up and running the fastest.

If you think something in your current situation would make you think otherwise, we can hop on a call just to make sure it doesn't hurt you.

Answered 7 years ago

This might be obvious but check Youtube to see if there are any walkthroughs of the product. Some enterprise software is hard to just turn over to someone to use. They often are not self-service.

I like your idea of signing up for sales demo via website. Masquerade as a potential customer. It would be good to see how they position their product and give you some insight so you can offer suggestions on how to improve things when you get into the interview.

Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

If have an interview already set up: understand the product philosophy before the product himself! No need for sales lists of characteristics. They are not important for a PM position. How your product chain works: concept, design, simulations and sales approach. The entire supply chain from the engineer point of view.

Otherwise if you don't have the interview you can go trow a recruiter but normally you need further sign of NDA or something if is a global company. Let me if appreciate the synthetic answer.

Answered 7 years ago

Yes, I believe it will be perfect if you request demo from their sales team on their websites. That is the perfect place to offer the chance to schedule a sales demo. Dropbox has a simple yet awesome demo landing page for the business version of their service. Chances are you will be in contact with these leads since they are interested in the demo and you can ask for more details then. The social media tool, Hootsuite, is another great example for a clean and easy to follow demo landing page. The other titles on the page really help to call out what Hootsuite does while also offering a personal touch by stating the demo is personalized to you. The landing page also shows companies that use their product for social proof and displays two badges representing their awards that help to improve credibility. As for HubSpot their landing page for their free software demo is just one example of why we love them. This is a different, even more subtle way that they provide social proof of their product without having logos or badges. The title used for the form makes the decision for the visitor – “Yes, I want a demo”. Plus, their page also has a chatbot in the bottom right corner, so visitors can contact representatives through that option too.
Nothing is simpler and to the point than GoToMeeting’s demo request landing page. The title communicates that visitors can either receive a demo or start a free trial for those who are ready to try it for themselves. Another “Request A Demo” landing page comes from Salesforce. They also only use a noticeably short paragraph of copy to keep things simple. The button driving users to “watch now” lets you know that you can get started right away instead of waiting to be contacted to schedule a demo.
Apart from this to understand how to request for a demo you must understand how a demo is delivered. A sales demo can run pretty similar to other sales calls, but it's important that you pay particular attention to highlighting the uniqueness and value of your product or service. We'll break down exactly how you should go about delivering a great demo to leads who raise their hand. As the experts on your product or service, you're expected to understand what pains and needs you're offering to solve for. Collect as much information as you can about the lead before the sales demo starts so that you can maintain your appearance as a pro.

Structure the Demo. The demo should follow some sort of agenda or schedule in order to stay on track in a way that makes sense. Plan out the demo as thoroughly as possible and clue the lead in on what they should expect. Customize and Personalize the Demo.

A generic sales pitch will never land as well as one that has been carefully tailored for a lead. Build details and information that will appeal to the lead directly into the demo. Take the time to run through the details of the sales demo, as well as familiarizing yourself with the lead. But now the demo is starting to run a little long.

Remember, they requested the demo because they have pain points, they want to eliminate. By focusing on solving the problem, you are showing optimal value to the prospect and they will view your product or service as a solution, not just another neat gadget with a ton of irrelevant tricks. Your product or service is a part of your brand. Market your business as a great company that is delivering a supreme product.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 4 years ago

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